AIRR-Seq data: Sample Names

VDJbase uses a structured name such as P1_I41_S1 to refer to each sample. The numbers following P, I and S are allocated serially by VDJbase. P indicates the project number. You can see a list of projects on the Explore Data page. I is followed by a number identifying the individual within that project, and… Continue reading AIRR-Seq data: Sample Names

Human IGK and IGL AIRR-Seq datasets added

This summer we added human IGK and IGL AIRR-Seq datasets to VDJbase. These comprise those of the IGH studies which also provided light chain sequencing. You can find details of the studies on the Explore Data page – select the required dataset at the top of the page to view statistics.

Allele Review Extended

OGRDB is now accepting V- and J- sequence inferences from the human BCR light and heavy chain. Analysis scripts and submission pages have been updated accordingly.

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Citing VDJbase

If you use VDJbase in your work, please cite our paper: Aviv Omer, Or Shemesh, Ayelet Peres, Pazit Polak, Adrian J Shepherd, Corey T Watson, Scott D Boyd, Andrew M Collins, William Lees, Gur Yaari, VDJbase: an adaptive immune receptor genotype and haplotype database, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 48, Issue D1, 08 January 2020, Pages D1051–D1056,… Continue reading Citing VDJbase