First Germline Sets Published on OGRDB

We have published IGHV germline sets for laboratory mouse strains BALB/c and C75BL/6, as recently reported in preprint by Jackson et al.The sets will be curated by the AIRR Community Germline Database Working Group with the aim of maintaining sets that are tuned for use in AIRR-seq, taking advantage of the latest research. We hope to publish a paper on the approach shortly. We invite anyone who is interested in this activity or would like further information to contact the Working Group co-leads using the link on the Working Group page.

Sequences in the set have a four-letter gene identifier. They do not carry an allele identifier, because, in the curators’ opinion, the structure of the mouse IGH locus is not sufficiently well understood to assign alleles to genes. Some annotation and analysis tools expect an allele designation: in this case we recommend adding *00 to the identifier.

For any questions relating to the set or its use in AIRR-seq, please contact