IGH Analysis updated

The analysis of the Human IGH dataset has now been updated to determine novel sequences based on the actual V length inferred by igblast, enabling greater recognition of variation at the 3′ end. To provide greater detail on the analysis, we now provide the commit id of the pipeline version used for analysis in the… Continue reading IGH Analysis updated

Introduction to OGRDB

Introduction to OGRDB In recent years it has become possible to sequence immune receptor repertoires (immunoglobulins and T cell receptors) at great depth. The accurate analysis of these repertoires requires a comprehensive understanding of the germline genes that give rise to the repertoire through V(D)J gene recombination. Even for well-studied species such as humans and… Continue reading Introduction to OGRDB

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New inferred sequences accepted by IMGT

A new batch of inferred receptor sequences, submitted for review through OGRDB, has been accepted by IMGT and should be added to their reference sets shortly. This batch included the first IGK and IGL alleles. We have now affirmed a total of 32 sequences, details of which can be found on the Sequences page.

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