Searching for AIRR-Seq records

You can display multiple data sets for the same species where these are available: first select the species of interest, then check the datasets for that species that you wish to search. Usually these will correspond to individual loci.

VDJbase uses an Excel-style approach to searching and browsing data: click on the little triangle to the right of any column name to sort or filter data based on the column’s contents. Note that additional columns are available: click on ‘Arrange columns’ to add them, or change the order in which they are displayed.

‘Quick search’ allows you to filter by sequence or allele name matching whatever you enter in the box: for example typing 1-20 will provide matches to all alleles of the gene 1-20. ‘Clear selection’ will remove any filters you have set.

You can display just those alleles that match samples you have selected. To do this, go first to the Samples page and make your selection. Then go to the Germline Genes page and click the box marked ‘Only genes from selected samples’ (this box will only be displayed when you have applied filters to the samples page). The same approach allows you to display only those samples containing selected alleles.

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