AIRR-Seq data: Sample Names

VDJbase uses a structured name such as P1_I41_S1 to refer to each sample. The numbers following P, I and S are allocated serially by VDJbase. P indicates the project number. You can see a list of projects on the Explore Data page. I is followed by a number identifying the individual within that project, and S by a number indicating the sample (repertoire) for that individual. This allows for multiple timepoints, or disease states, in some studies.

In the Samples page, click on a sample name to find full metadata for the sample. This includes details of the underlying study, the individual’s name within that study, and their condition (disease state). Each item of metadata viewable here can be added to the sample table: close the metadata display, and click on Arrange Columns at the top of the table to select the items you wish to see. You can change the order of columns by dragging the little squares to the left of each item in the Arrange Columns dropdown.

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