Collaboration Opportunities

OGRDB and VDJbase are part of the AIRR Knowledge Commons project – bringing together immune repertoires from the AIRR Data Commons, epitopes from IEDB, receptor germline analysis from OGRDB and VDJbase with other emerging datasets. We are actively seeking collaborators whose projects will drive use cases and demonstrate the utility of bringing these various sources together. As well as advancing your research, collaboration could offer the following benefits to your projects:

  • We’ll facilitate public sharing of your data in a way that ensures compliance with current NIH Management and Sharing Plan policies
  • We’ll incorporate other data needed to enhance your project, such as data from collaborators or the literature.
  • Data integrated into the AKC will be enriched to include:
    • Annotation of receptors or receptor chains with known, experimentally observed epitope or antigen specificities from the Immune Epitope Database and the Immune Receptor Antigen Database;
    • Annotation of rearrangements with germline alleles in accordance with the best germline reference sets from the Open Germline Receptor Database;
    • Identification of receptors or receptor chains in your data that are shared with repertoires in the AIRR Data Commons, which currently contains >10K repertoires;
    • Application of predictive algorithms to infer subject AIR germline genotypes, haplotypes, and/or novel alleles, where appropriate;
    • Application of predictive algorithms to predict specificity, where appropriate.

If this is of interest to you, please contact for further information.